Kavanah Catering

Kavanah Catering is the only sustainable organic catering company serving the Toronto Jewish community.

Though Kavanah Catering is not certified kosher, we are committed to upholding Jewish tradition in our work.



We specialize in nourishing vegetarian fare.*  Think hearty stews, marinated salmon skewers, home-made hummus, our own gravlax, green salads with pears and goat cheese, bulgur-based tabbouleh, and more.  Give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll be happy to customize a menu for you.

We provide food for all sorts of events and gatherings.  Consider us for your next community event, conference, kiddush, shiva, breakfash, brunch, lunch, or dinner!

We generally cook for a minimum of 30 people, but we also don't write our rules in stone.  We can be flexible, so please don't hesitate to ask about smaller gatherings -- the worst that can happen is that it won't work out for this time!

*While we're not opposed to meat-eating as a rule, there is no kosher meat in Toronto that meets our standards for quality and flavour.


When we say Food With Intention, we mean that we take particular care in the way we do things.  Here's why:

At Kavanah Catering, we care about bringing real food to real people.

Healthy, vibrant communities are built from food that is grown in healthy, vibrant soils and harvested by people who are treated with dignity and respect.  Deeply nourishing food is a human necessity.  It is not a fad, nor is it only for a select few.


We care about the environment. 

The way we farm today will dictate the kind of world we leave behind for our grandchildren.  We want to see our grandchildren breathe clean air, drink clean water, run through lush fields and forests, play in clean dirt, and eat delicious, nourishing fruit from healthy soils and vibrant trees.


We care about the vitality of local communities. 

Toronto has a burgeoning local food community made up of chefs, urban farmers, rural farmers, picklers, canners, millers, visionaries, speakers, educators, writers, and shmoozers.  Many of these people weren't doing what they're doing 15 years ago, and we hope that in 15 years the local food economy will be even stronger than we can imagine today.


We care about treating people as holy beings created in the Divine image. 

There are many invisible hands involved in bringing us our food: the people who sow the seeds, tend the plants, harvest the produce, trim the leeks, wash the lettuce three times, shave the big carrots down into baby carrots, put the onions in bags, drive truckloads of potatoes thousands of miles across the continent, fly planes full of garlic across the ocean, load and unload those trucks and planes, manage vast warehouses, stock grocery store shelves, work at the deli counter, and cook in restaurant kitchens.  Every one of those people is a reflection of the Divine, and we care about them all.



We focus on fresh, high-quality, whole ingredients.

Most of our resources go into sourcing the best ingredients we can find that fit our values.

Our ingredients come from as close to home as possible.

We strive to build partnerships with local growers and producers to strengthen Ontario’s local economy and food system.  This does not mean that everything we serve is grown within 100 km -- we use lemons, and local walnuts are a bit hard to come by -- but we are very careful in our selections.  We are proud of the fact that our biggest supplier is the regionally-based Ontario Natural Foods Co-Op.

We support people who treat the Earth and other people with care and respect.

Whenever they are within reach, we choose organically-grown products, and the eggs we buy come from free-range chickens.  If you would like the food at your event to be 100% organic, we can absolutely make that happen.  We always buy fair-trade or direct-trade chocolate, sugar, coffee, and vanilla.

We use kosher ingredients and we do not cook (or build websites) on the Jewish Sabbath or holidays.

Kavanah Catering is the only local and organic-focused catering company serving our Jewish community today.  We are doing what we do because Toronto’s Jews must have the option of choosing healthy and responsibly-sourced food.

Our business is not certified kosher because we choose not to be under the auspices of decision-makers whose religious outlook is far to the right of our own and that of most of our clients.  We are willing to prepare food in a certified kosher kitchen if that is something you require.

Our deliveries are bike-powered whenever it’s reasonable -- and sometimes when it’s not.

Keep your eyes peeled for our trailer cruising around town!

We try very hard to minimize waste in our production and distribution.

We buy our food in bulk, which means less packaging, and we try to return or reuse whatever packaging we do end up with.  When we transport food to events, we generally bring it in reusable containers.

We answer questions directly.

Transparency is important to the way we operate.  If you ask, we will be happy to disclose what’s in our food, where it came from, and even why things cost what they do -- and we will tell you when the answer is “I don’t know.”

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