Kavanah Catering

Kavanah Catering is the only sustainable organic catering company serving the Toronto Jewish community.

Though Kavanah Catering is not certified kosher, we are committed to upholding Jewish tradition in our work.



Andi Yumansky, Founder 


Andi has worked as a chef at vegetarian restaurants across Canada.  They moved to Toronto after university and spent time baking artisanal bread at St. John's Baker.   After completing the Adamah Food and Farming Fellowship at the Isabella Freedman Center in Connecticut, they returned to Toronto and became the first in-house caterer to execute the Narayever Synagogue's new food policy.  From this venture was born Conscious Kosher Catering, which is the predecessor to Kavanah Catering.  In addition to their focus on food, Andi is passionate about community organizing and social justice.

Yaël Greenberg, Manager and Ba[n]ker


Yaël got her formal training from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York, where she studied under chefs who are steeped in an understanding of the connections between food and health.  Yaël spent a short time working as a Garde-Manger at a fine dining restaurant in Montreal, where she learned a lot but struggled with the realities of the restaurant world.  She has worked quite happily in the kitchens at Common Ground High School in New Haven, CT and Ramah Outdoor Adventure in Sedalia, CO.  Most recently she spent her time as the day baker at Eden Village Camp in Putnam Valley, NY.  Yaël is thrilled to bring her skills in the kitchen and her love of spreadsheets to Kavanah Catering.

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